Copper Aluminium Rolling Machinery
Product Description :
The decoiler has double-chapiter initial aligning device for strip coil
The big and small bobbins of before and behind coilers share one set of driving system, tension control.
Main rolling mill, before and behind coilers adopt DC driving, siliconcontrolled power supply.
The rolling mill has all-hydraulic press down system, hydraulic bowed roller adjusting system, hydraulic driving system, technological lubrication system and equipment lubrication system.
The rolling mill has press down tuningout function and bowed roller adjusting system.
The rolling mill has safty protection system of overload protection, strip breakage protection and crashstop. etc, main mill and coilers have accurate stop device.
Hydraulic AGC system adopts computer control, have the functionof even roll gap, constant rolling force, thickness pre- and monitoring.
Adopt PLC programmable control.
Working roller and supporting roller use four lines of short column roller bearing, supporting roller bearing mist lubricate.
Technological lubricating adopts emulsion lubrication cooling system, and equips filter.
The set can preset technical process parameters, examine and display these parameters. It also has alarming system.
item unit parameter
mode   four-high reversible
material   copper and copper alloy
width mm ≤550
thickness of input mm ≤16
thickness of output mm ≥0.05±0.005
weight of coil kg 3000;  6000
working roller mm Φ285x600; Φ330x600
sustain roller mm Φ620x550; Φ760x560
rolling speed m/min ≤180; ≤240
 rolling force KN ≤7000
power KW 750;522X2(parallel)
the weight of equipment KG 190000
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