Up-Word Copper Rod Continuous Casting Line
Product :
Upward Copper Rod Cast Machine .
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Description :
Our series of Vertical-Pulling Copper Casting and Cold Rolling Equipments are mainly used for production of long glossy copper rods, wires, flats, stripes and tubes etc. Our casting equipments are widely used in domestic market, like Zhejiang,Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu provinces etc.From 2005, we're also exporting our casting & cold rolling equipments to Taiwan, India, Syria etc.
Copper Rod Casting :
Capacity: 5000ton/year Furnace
Structure: 2-body assembled furnace (2 melting and 1 holding structure
Casting Rod Heads: 10pcs
Casting Rod Dia: 17mm
Outlet Wire Dia: 8mm
Vertical-pulling Velocity: 0~800mm/min.
Copper Melting Velocity: 650kg/hour
Copper Melting Power Consumption: <350kwh/ton Rod take-up velocity, take-up curvature & turntable rotate speed are automatically controlled by frequency-conversion.
Casting Copper Density: about 8.9kg/dm³
Tensile Strength: >170N/mm²
Copper Elongation: >35%
Conductivity: not less than 100%IACS (dia:2mm soft wire)
Resistivity: not bigger than 0.15328ohmm g/m² or 0.017241ohmm mm²/m
Oxygen Content: <=10ppm
Details will be provided upon your enquiry.
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